Celebrating Mother's Day with TELESIN: Special Mother's Day Promotion

On this Mother's Day, we want to extend our deepest appreciation to all the incredible mothers out there who nurture, inspire, and lead with boundless love and strength. We think that Mother's Day celebrates not just motherhood, but also the unique identity and essence of every mom. And TELESIN wishes all moms to be the best their selves. 

Honoring Women Beyond Motherhood

Every mom is more than just a mother; she is an individual with her own dreams, aspirations, and passions. At TELESIN, we recognize and celebrate the multifaceted roles that women embody. Whether they're balancing careers, pursuing hobbies, or simply enjoying moments of self-care, we understand the importance of supporting women in every aspect of their lives.


Special Mother's Day Promotion

In honor of Mother's Day, we're excited to announce exclusive discounts to make this occasion even more special. With our special promotion, you can enjoy the automatic discounts:

  • $10 off on purchases over $88
  • $25 off on purchases over $188

It's our way of saying thank you to all the amazing moms out there for their unwavering love and dedication. 


Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Looking to select something as gifts for your mom from TELESIN? Here are some thoughtful and practical gift ideas for you to take a reference:

1. Neck Mount for Phones

Keep mom's hands free while she enjoys her favorite activities or stays connected on-the-go with our convenient Neck Mount for Phones. Ideal for capturing precious memories from your mom's unique perspective, allowing her to document and cherish every moment with ease.

We offer two distinct versions of our neck mount for phones, allowing you to select the perfect fit for your mom's needs:

a. TELESIN Universal Neck Mount For Phones: This option provides a universal fit for smartphones of all sizes, ensuring compatibility with your mom's device. With an extended length, it is adapt to more body shape, making the wearing more comfortable. Its adjustable design and ergonomic construction offer comfort and convenience, making it ideal for a variety of activities and lifestyles. 


b. TELESIN Magnetic Neck Mount For Phones: If your mom prefers a sleek and stylish option, consider our magnetic neck mount. Its minimalist design adds a touch of elegance to her everyday routine. With its magnetic attachment, this mount offers quick and easy phone attach and detach, bringing the best convenience in use. 


Whether you opt for the universal fit of the TELESIN Universal Neck Mount or the magnetic convenience of the TELESIN Magnetic Neck Mount, you can trust that both options deliver exceptional quality and performance.


2. Flexible Mount for Phones

Versatile and flexible enough to be bent at will, this mount suits various scenarios, enabling your mom to document her vibrant life and activities with ease. Also, whether she's watching videos, reading recipes, or video calling loved ones, our flexible phone stand provides the perfect hands-free solution for any situation. 


3. 1.3m Magnetic Remote Control Selfie Stick for Phones + Fill Light

Before embracing the role of motherhood, every woman was once a young girl who cherished her beauty and took pride in her appearance. Remind your mom of her inner beauty and love for capturing moments with this selfie stick and fill light combo. Let her indulge in stunning selfies, rekindling her youthful spirit. With the Bluetooth remote control, she can also effortlessly capture heartwarming family portraits, preserving her most cherished moments.

With these carefully curated gifts from TELESIN, you're not just giving your mom practical accessories – you're empowering her to capture life's beauty, embrace her passions, and celebrate the joy of motherhood every day.


These thoughtful gifts not only cater to practical needs but also celebrate the beauty of motherhood and the joy of capturing life's precious moments.

Make this Mother's Day truly special with TELESIN!