Maximize Your Filming Efficiency with TELESIN’s Quick Release Series


For action camera enthusiasts and professionals alike, capturing the perfect shot often requires quick adaptability and seamless transitions between different mounting setups. TELESIN has revolutionized this process with its innovative Quick Release Ecosystem, a series of products designed to make switching between accessories effortless. This ecosystem includes the Quick Release Neck Mount, Elastic Small Q Handlebar Mount, Universal Clamp Mount, Magnetic Backpack Clip, and Vest Chest Strap. Let’s explore why you should choose TELESIN’s Quick Release series and the conveniences it offers. 


What is TELESIN's Quick Release Ecosystem?

TELESIN's Quick Release Ecosystem is a series of selected products that have been enhanced with integrated quick release functionality. This feature allows for rapid switching between these quick release accessories while retaining their original functional highlights. Within this system, there's no need for additional quick release adapters, making the transition between mounts seamless and efficient. 

Why Choose TELESIN's Quick Release Series?

1. Speed and Efficiency: The primary advantage of TELESIN's Quick Release Ecosystem is the ability to swiftly switch your action camera between various accessories. This is crucial for capturing different angles and perspectives without missing a beat. Whether you’re transitioning from a bike ride to a hiking trail, or from a chest mount to a backpack clip, TELESIN’s quick release mechanism ensures minimal downtime. 

2. Versatility: TELESIN’s Quick Release products are designed to cater to a wide range of activities. From biking and hiking to skiing and motorcycling, these mounts offer versatile solutions for various shooting scenarios. The ecosystem allows you to be prepared for any adventure, ensuring you have the right mount for the right moment. 

3. Easy Operation: With its unique structural design, you can attach and detach with just one hand. The clear and distinct "click" sound provides immediate feedback, ensuring that the lock is securely in place without any worries. 

4. Reliability: Each product in the Quick Release series is built with durability and security in mind. Made from high-quality materials, these mounts ensure your action camera stays firmly in place, even during high-intensity activities. The robust quick release mechanism provides a secure attachment while still allowing for easy detachment. 


Convenience and Highlights of TELESIN's Quick Release Series Products

  • Quick Release Neck Mount for Action Cameras:
  • This mount offers a hands-free solution for capturing footage from a unique, chest-level perspective. It features a comfortable and flexible neck strap, making it portable and ideal for vloggers and adventurers who need to keep their hands free while filming. The innovative damping structure allows for easy horizontal and vertical angle adjustments without the need for disassembly, and the curved three-prong design also expands the range of angle adjustments. Additionally, an added strap enhances stability, ensuring your camera stays securely in place during your activities.


  • Quick Release Elastic Small Q Handlebar Mount:
  • This versatile mount can attach to a variety of surfaces, such as handlebars, poles, railings, and tree branches, thanks to its strong elastic resilience. Its pocket-sized design ensures portability, allowing you to carry it effortlessly wherever you go. Despite its small size, its versatility exceeds expectations, meeting most of your needs for various scenarios and different shooting angles. The quick release feature allows for fast attachment and removal, enabling you to capture footage on the go without any hassle. 


  • Quick Release Universal Clamp Mount:
  • Perfect for cyclists and motorcyclists, this mount securely attaches to handlebars with a strong clamping mechanism. The use of aluminum alloy material, coupled with anti-slip rubber clamping, ensures a stable grip, minimizing camera shake during filming. Its 360-degree dual-ball head rotation provides versatility for capturing a wide range of angles. Additionally, the quick release mechanism facilitates effortless movement of your camera from one location to another, allowing for seamless shooting transitions. 


  • Quick Release Magnetic Backpack Clip:
  • Ideal for hiking and outdoor adventures, this clip attaches to your backpack strap, providing a stable platform for your action camera. Enhanced with bold springs and a large-area serrated grip, this feature increases friction, efficiently preventing your camera from sliding or falling off. Additionally, with magnetic attachment on the back, the mount can adhere to metal surfaces, enabling convenient on-the-go usage and expanding its utility across various shooting scenarios to meet diverse filming needs. 


  • Quick Release Vest Chest Strap:
  • Offering a stable and comfortable way to mount your camera to your chest, this vest is perfect for capturing immersive, first-person footage. The incorporation of a skin-friendly liner enhances comfort and alleviates pressure, while also facilitating effortless removal and cleaning. The strong elastic strap with greater stretch fits different body sizes, and the vest-style design ensures easier wearing, while the quick release feature allows for easy camera removal.



TELESIN’s Quick Release Ecosystem offers a seamless and efficient solution for action camera users who demand versatility and reliability. By choosing TELESIN’s quick release series, you can effortlessly switch between these accessories, ensuring you’re always ready to capture the perfect shot. Whether you’re documenting extreme sports, exploring new trails, or vlogging your daily adventures, TELESIN’s Quick Release Ecosystem provides the convenience and flexibility you need to elevate your filming experience. Embrace the freedom of quick transitions and focus on capturing every moment with precision and ease.