TELESIN Accessories for Osmo Action 2


On October 27th DJI releases its brand new camera OSMO ACTION 2. This little camera really brings us a big surprise. Actually in my point of view, it shouldn't be called Action 2. Because it's so different from the first generation.

The camera is so small and creative. There are some characteristics of Action 2 I like a lot: the power and the camera are separate, the amazing OLED touchscreen, the strong magnetic design. These features make the camera super compact, easy-to-use and minimal style. Until now, it has excellent performance in domestic market. We have planed to make 19 accessories for it.
The tempered glass lens and screen protectors for both combos, DJI Action 2 Dual-Screen Combo and DJI Action 2 Power Combo are already available in our shop now.
The camera without the power module is much smaller than GoPro Hero 10 Black, we believe it will attract lots of FPV pilots and other extreme sportsmen. So now we are making strap mounts for drones that can attach the Action 2 and the frame cages which can better protect the camera.
Like the tiny Go2 camera, you can wear it on your breast with the magnetic lanyard to shoot POV footage. However, some vloggers have proved that it will drop easily if you wear it on the thick clothes. So we are also making the lanyard that is much more magnetical.
With the magnetic ball-joint adapter mount and the TELESIN Suction Cup Mount and any other tripods for example TELESIN Octupus Tripod, you can make your creation easier and better. The TELESIN Suction Cup Mount is also compatible with other action cameras and smart phones.
The other basic gears for Action 2 will come out soon are
Case for Action 2
Type-C Magnetic Charger
ND Filters & CPL filter
Magnetic Mounting Fingers
U type Neck Holder
Waterproof case
Mini Selfie Stick
Quick release magnetic adapter mount
Magnetic Batteries for Action 2
Remote Control
Magnetic Ball-joint Adapter
You can also comment below what other accessories you want for Action 2, please feel free to share your ideas with us.