Dear friends, this Friday (10/21) we'll start the giveaway on our new INS channel, TELESIN Brazil. We’ll giveaway our new selfies and tripods to 3 lucky winners.

There are 5 gears new in this month.

  • The TELESIN 3-way mantis tripod
  • The 1.2m carbon fiber selfie
  • 3 m carbon fiber selfie
  • 1.3 m vlogging selfie tripod with remote control
  • The neck mount (original and max size)

Neck mount

TELESIN Neck mount is very popular among the outdoor adventurers. It’s very flexible, you can change it’s shape. It’s magnetic, so it’s very easy to attach the cameras. And the new one we make it bigger so there’s no worry if you are super strong.

The TELESIN 3-way mantis tripod

You can use it as a tripod, a selfie and a stabilizer. It’s a very flexible selfie tripod.

The 1.2m carbon fiber selfie

It’s not new for you guys, it’s a classic TELESIN selfie. But the new one is carbon fiber so it’s very lightweight, it weighs less than 150g.

3m carbon fiber selfie

Many players love to use the long pole with their 360 cameras, like gopro max and all cameras from Insta360. Insta360 also has the long pole. Ours are a bit longer and more lightweight than the original 360 pole, so it will not bend as much as 360’s pole when you attach your camera on it. And the pole weighs less than 370 g. With the long pole, no drone no problem.

1.2 m and 3 m stick can also be used as the tripods. There’s 1/4’’ screw on the bottom. So you can attach them on the tripod.

1.3 m vlogging selfie with remote control

It’s very lightweight and easy to carry. The best thing is with the remote control, you can control your smart phones and GoPro cameras. It’s compatible with GoPro 11/10/9/Max.

And all of our selfies and tripods are very small when they are folded.

If you want to know more about the details of the Giveaway, just follow us on INS. @telesin_official @telesinbrazil