TELESIN Photography Outdoor Work Blog 4.16

It’s really an amazing way to record your life by cameras. However when you are out for some footages, it’s really important to prepare well. And the following items  I think are very important to prepare in advance:
The first of course are your camera equipments.
-Mirrorless cameras
They are super heavy but you can get high quality pictures
-Smart Phones
You should take chargers or power bank
-Sports cameras
It will be super cool if you can take drones to get some birds’ views
And what I love sports cameras is their size. So you can put them on many places, on a tree, a street light etc. or hang it on your backpack to record some beautiful timelapse videos or timewrap city content vlogs.
The others are gears like tripods, filters, 3M glue paper etc., according to your needs and the perspectives you want to get.
And if you decide to go out for the whole day or days, you’d better to take some camping gears. So you can enjoy your day while you are filming outdoor.
So it’s important to make a plan and get everything prepared. Or you will pay the extra money to buy them on the road.
And as for me, the most important thing is sleeping very well the day before to have enough energy to be creative the second day. So you can enjoy the whole journey :)