What do GoPro players expect from GoPro Hero 11?

Since the development of gopro, it has broken through many technical difficulties, and there are also many technical upgrades.
With every new Hero model, GoPro has raised the bar for its action cameras. The company has added motion sensors, GPS, voice control, HyperSmooth, and a full-color touchscreen over the years.

However, there are also some flaws that fail to meet everyone's expectations while upgrading.

In September, the GoPro 11 will be launched. What are your expectations for the new model?


The last time GoPro made major improvements to the appearance was the GoPro 9 generation. Now two years have passed. It cannot be denied that they may make some adjustments, but the most likely is to continue the appearance of the hero10.
However, adding an optional base plate with multiple fixing types, such as standard 1/4" thread, would be a welcome addition for many users.


Both the GoPro9 and GoPro10 use the Sony IMX677 sensor, which cannot improve the quality of night shots. Upgrading a better sensor means higher light sensitivity, which can handle poor lighting well. This is what we all expect.

Camera overheating problem

The GoPro has always had a problem of overheating and shutting down. In a space with no ventilation, the GoPro will shut down after about 20 minutes of continuous recording. This caused a lot of confusion for GoPro users.

In this regard, TELESIN has developed a very good battery that can alleviate this problem very well. But it would be even better if GoPro's new product could fundamentally address overheating.

Other possibilities include improvements such as low-light video, lens options, and adding more effects or filters to allow users to shoot live.

Implementing these next-generation capabilities will expand the range of possibilities for filmmakers and open new doors for creativity.