GoPro accessories

TELESIN Long Screw


Product List 2 x Screw

TELESIN Magnetic Bracket Expansion Set (Neck Mount/Quick Release)


Scenes Hiking, fishing, vlogging and other activities in a calm state.

TELESIN Mobile Phone Clip with 1/4 Screw Hole


Features 1. With a 1/4 screw hole, it can be used with various selfie sticks, gimbals, mounts, etc. 2. The width is adjustable and can be applied to most sizes...

TELESIN Stamina Battery Support -15°C for GoPro Hero 9/10/11/12

from $23.99

Features 1. Battery capacity: 1720mAh 2. Low-temperature cold start, there is no waiting for starting up, and it can be started at -15°C in seconds. 3. Low-temperature endurance is almost the...

TELESIN Pocket Multifunctional Storage Charging Box for GoPro 9/10/11/12

from $23.99

Features 1. The pocket charging box can charge GoPro original battery, Telesin square and arc battery, suitable for GoPro 9 10 11 12. 2. Support 15W USB-C port input, 100%...

TELESIN Multifunctional Powerful Crab Claw


Features 1. Increase the reversible horseshoe block to make it more stable when clamping the plane; 2. Larger clamping range: 12mm-65mm; 3. More expansion screw holes, which can be connected...

TELESIN Flexible Mount for Action Cameras/Phones

from $18.99

Features 1. Freely transform, you can shoot anywhere; the product can be bent and fixed on railings, branches and other objects at will; 2. Flexible and changeable, can be bent...

TELESIN Silicone Case for Gopro11 Mini


Compatible Devices GoPro HERO11 Black Mini

TELESIN Plastic Protective Frame for GoPro Mini


Compatible Devices GoPro HERO11 Black Mini

TELESIN Neck Holder Mount SE (No Magnetic) for Action Cameras/ Phones

from $23.99

Scenes Cycling, hiking, fishing, vlogging, surfing, etc.

TELESIN New Vest Chest Strap for Action Cameras

from $15.99

Features 1. Vest-style chest belt. Center button buckle design, easy to wear, no need to put on the head. 2. The elasticity can be adjusted. The strap is made of high-quality elastic...

TELESIN Action Camera Accessories Kit for Beginner


Note: This set is suitable for beginners who have just started using GoPro, and can get relatively complete initial accessories cheaply. Features 1. Accessories can meet most shooting scenes, riding,...

TELESIN Handlebar Clamp Ring Mount

from $20.99

Features 1. Three-claw and 1/4 screw dual interfaces can be used to expand action cameras, panoramic cameras, and mobile phone clips; 2. 360° rotation, multiple shooting angles and easy adjustment;...

TELESIN 2-in-1 Hat Clip Quick Release Headband


Specification 1. Head circumference: 55-65cm 2. Height: 12-16cm 3. Material:Peaked cap bracket body + quick-release headband rear plate: PC + ABSElastic band: acrylic high elastic yarn + Thai latex yarn...

TELESIN Double-headed Crab Clamp Bike/Moto Pipe Clamp


Feature Made of aluminum alloy, durable and with a 360° rotatable ball head structure, can be well connected to shooting equipment, especially the combination of selfie sticks and motorcycles.

TELESIN Camera Mini Bag for Insta360 GO 3


Compatible Models Insta360 GO3, Gopro HERO 7/8/9/10/11, ACTION 4/3, XTU MAX, SJCAM SJ11, AKASO brave7, etc.

TELESIN Aluminum Alloy Waterproof Selfie Stick


Feature 1. Ball head structure. Supports fast horizontal and vertical switching and 360° rotation. 2. Non-rust. The overall aluminum alloy material has passed the salt spray test and is not...

TELESIN Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Base Camera Mount

from $27.99

Features 1. 6 powerful magnets distributed in an annular shape, which can be stably adsorbed on various iron surfaces; 2. Aluminum alloy pea pod, sturdy and durable 3. Double-joint double...

TELESIN Magnetic Quick Release Adapter Set

from $11.99

Packing List 1 x Three-claw quick-release upper cover 1 x  Two-claw quick-release base 1 x  1/4 screw hole quick-release base 1 x  Slotted locking screw

TELESIN Elastic Small Q Handlebar Mount

from $19.99

Scenes Bicycle/electric vehicle/motorcycle road riding (low speed), or daily shooting scenes with strollers, railings and other poles. Compatible GoPro, DJI, Insta360 and other action cameras.

TELESIN Rotating Adjustable Tripod Selfie Stick


Features 1. Patented ball base, which can rotate 360° horizontally for horizontal shooting and 360° tilt for vertical shooting. Regardless of fixed-point shooting or mobile shooting, the best angle can...

TELESIN Quick-release Vest Chest Strap


Features 1. Add TELESIN quick-release design, one-second installation, one-hand control, and can freely switch accessories in the quick-release ecology; 2. Vest-style design solves wearing difficulties; 3. Add breathable soft cushions to improve...

TELESIN Quick Release Universal Clamp Mount


Features 1. Telesin quick-release system, which can be freely switched among quick-release ecological accessories; 2. The assembly sound is crisp, the feedback is obvious, and it can be operated blindly;...

TELESIN Quick Release Elastic Small Q Handlebar Mount


Features 1. Telesin quick-release system, which can be freely switched among quick-release ecological accessories; 2. High-elastic silicone and double-hole design help to install on surfaces of objects of different sizes...

TELESIN Quick Release Neck Mount for Action Cameras (2.0)


Features 1. Telesin quick-release system, which can be freely switched among quick-release ecological accessories; 2. Add damping parts to adjust horizontal and vertical shooting; 3. Effective avoidance, three-claw hook design;...

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