4 Unmissable TELESIN Clamps For Your Riding Adventure

Are you an enthusiast of cycling or motorcycles, who loves to capture every thrilling moment of your riding adventures? Look no further than TELESIN's range of clamps designed to enhance your ride-shooting experience. Whether you're tearing up the trails on your mountain bike or cruising the open road on your motorcycle, these clamps are indispensable companions for any adventure-seeking rider. Let's explore some of the must-have TELESIN clamps for your rides.

1.TELESIN Aluminum Alloy Universal Handlebar Mount


Product net weight: 226 g

Clamp material: Nylon with fiber + TPU

Pea-clip material: Aluminum alloy

Spherical adapter material: Aluminum alloy

Sports camera adapter material: PC

Clamping range: 22-38 mm; 9-15 mm with silicone pad



  • 360-Degree Adjustment:

The double ball head design of the TELESIN Aluminum Alloy Universal Handlebar Mount offers enhanced flexibility, allowing you to achieve various shooting angles. This feature enables you to customize the angle and orientation of your camera to your preferences. Whether you prefer a forward-facing perspective to capture the action ahead or a rear-facing view to document your surroundings, this mount provides unparalleled versatility. With easy-to-use adjustment knobs, you can effortlessly fine-tune your camera's position on the go.

  • Durability and Stability:

Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, this mount is built to last. The aluminum alloy ball effectively reduces shooting vibrations, while the non-slip rubber ring ensures stability and solidity. The bionic crab claw design increases the wear-resistant inner ring, resulting in a firmer grip. Its rugged construction guarantees durability even in the most demanding conditions, providing peace of mind as you tackle rugged trails or navigate bustling city streets. Whether you're cycling, motorcycling, or engaging in any other outdoor activity, this mount rises to the challenge.

  • Wide Compatibility:

Equipped with a 1/4 aluminum alloy adaptor and a sports camera included in the package, it is compatible with GoPro, DJI Action, Insta360 one X1/X2/RS, SJcam, and more.

(Note: Please refrain from attaching any extensions when using off-road, at high speeds, or in other complex environments.)

2. TELESIN Multifunctional Powerful Crab Claw


Product net weight: 196 g

Load-bearing: 2 kg

Material: Aluminum alloy

Clamping range: 11-65 mm



  • Multi-Scene Application:

The TELESIN Multifunctional Powerful Crab Claw boasts versatile application possibilities. It can be easily attached to tubular shapes, branches, tables, bicycle handlebars, tripods, stabilizer grips, and more. With additional thread holes for expansion, it supports multiple devices to co-create at the same site, enhancing its usability. 

  • Stability:

Featuring non-slip spiral patterns printed on both ends of the joint rod, the clamp prevents slippage and ensures a tighter lock, resulting in a more stable grip. The unique flip-up horseshoe block design, coupled with non-slip rubber pads, further enhances stability when clamping flat objects. This design increases the contact area, significantly reducing wobbling for a more stable setup.

  • 360-Degree Rotation:

Its adjustable ball joint and rotating arms allow for easy positioning of your camera to achieve the perfect shot. Both ends feature non-slip ball heads that rotate 360 degrees in any direction, while 90-degree vertical openings on both sides enable all-round shooting flexibility.

  • Durable and Portable:

Crafted from aluminum alloy and stainless steel, the clamp ensures stability while remaining lightweight. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, providing portability without sacrificing durability.

3. TELESIN Double-headed Crab Clamp


Size: 210 mm

Material: Aluminum alloy

Clamping range: 22-38 mm; 9-15 mm with rubber pad



Constructed from aluminum alloy, the TELESIN Double-headed Crab Clamp is built to withstand various riding environments, ensuring durability and reliability. With its 360° rotatable ball head structure, it can be well connected to shooting equipment, especially the combination of selfie sticks. 

When used with a selfie stick, you can unlock additional shooting angles, such as first-person view, follow view, and side shot view. You can also add an extra clamp to secure the middle section of the extension pole of the selfie stick, which will help enhance stability and reduce shaking during shooting, making it an ideal choice for motorcycle photography. 

(Note: When using these accessories for riding shooting, safety must be a top priority. Exercise caution to avoid extending the stick too far in complex environments.)

4. TELESIN Handlebar Clamp Ring Mount


Product net weight: 59.5 g

Material: Nylon with fiber, stainless steel

Clamping range: 22-38 mm; 9-16 mm with soft cushion



The main feature of the TELESIN Handlebar Clamp Ring Mount lies in its relatively low center of gravity, enhancing stability and minimizing shake. The 360° rotation allows for multiple shooting angles and easy adjustment.

The main body is constructed from nylon fiber-reinforced material, providing reliable strength. The metal parts are made of stainless steel and boast a salt spray rating of 72 hours, ensuring durability in diverse environments.

With three-claw and 1/4 screw dual interfaces, it can accommodate various devices such as action cameras, panoramic cameras, and mobile phone clips. Its simple operation and strong grip make it user-friendly, with one bolt controlling tightness for easy disassembly and assembly.


In conclusion, TELESIN's clamps are the perfect choice for riders seeking to capture their adventures. With their durable construction, versatile mounting options, and compatibility with a wide range of action cameras, these clamps serve as ideal companions for any riding enthusiast. So, gear up and start documenting your rides with TELESIN!