Mastering Underwater Photography: Tips and Gear Guide

Underwater photography opens up a mesmerizing world of aquatic wonders. Whether you're capturing vibrant coral reefs or playful marine life, having the right gear and techniques is crucial. In this blog, we'll explore essential tips and introduce some must-have underwater photography equipment, including TELESIN Dome Port, waterproof cases, and selfie sticks, to help you elevate your underwater photography game. 

Understanding Underwater Photography:

-Light and Color: Different wavelengths of light are absorbed underwater, affecting colors and clarity. Understanding how light behaves underwater is essential for achieving vibrant and natural-looking photos.

-Composition: Consider the unique perspective underwater photography offers, such as capturing split-level shots or using marine life as natural subjects. 

Essential Underwater Photography Gear:

1. TELESIN Dome Ports:

  • Features: Designed to capture split-level shots, TELESIN Dome Port offers a seamless transition from above to below the water's surface.
  • Benefits: Enhances image quality by minimizing water distortion and allowing for wider angles of view.

TELESIN Dome Port for GoPro Hero 12/11/10/9; for DJI ACTION 3/4

The TELESIN Dome Ports are designed differently for various camera models. When purchasing a dome port from TELESIN, it's crucial to select the model that aligns with your specific device. 

The unique hemisphere design enables you to achieve a stunning 50/50 underwater view, simulating the captivating aquarium effect. With a 70 mm clear framing distance, the water surface is pushed away to provide the perfect framing distance. Additionally, the 180° extra-wide angle offers up to 25% more field of view than the human eye.

Featuring a front screen opening and a curved pole, capturing selfies becomes effortless and convenient. The high-quality, highly transparent organic glass ensures exceptional image quality with every shot. Waterproof up to 30 meters deep, the dome port allows for fearless exploration of underwater realms.

Equipped with a multi-purpose buoyancy bar, it effortlessly dives into the depths of the sea, while the pole provides convenient storage or the option to add weighted objects.

TELESIN Diving Rig Stabilizer Set for Hero Dome Port

The Dome Port and the Diving Rig Stabilizer can be detachable for separate use, and the Diving Rig Stabilizer is also compatible with Hero, DJI, Insta360, and other sports cameras. The dome port can be removed from the diving rig and attached with a waterproof case for underwater use. 

Crafted with German plexiglass, the dome port boasts a 93% high light transmittance, ensuring clearer pictures. The distance between the mask and the camera is optimized at 70 mm, proven through rigorous testing to be the ideal shooting distance. With a 180° large wide-angle view, it realistically restores images captured by action cameras without vignetting.

Moreover, the set offers multiple mounting options, featuring two 1/4 threads and three cold shoe mounts for diving fill light, magic arm, and other accessories. Constructed from lightweight PC material, the set weighs only 535 g, providing stability and reducing the burden of shooting whether used as a diving mount or land stabilizer, thus allowing for greater freedom in photography. 

2. TELESIN Waterproof Cases:

  • Importance: Protect your camera from water damage with a reliable waterproof case.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the case fits your specific camera model and allows access to essential controls.

TELESIN All Scene Protective Case Waterproof Case Set for GoPro 9/10/11/12

With a waterproof depth of 45 meters and a built-in high elasticity waterproof seal, it ensures no water penetration even under strong pressure. The highly translucent glass offers true color representation, boasting 95% light-transmitting tempered glass that allows you to experience the vibrant underwater world vividly.

Featuring a skeleton backdoor, this case offers versatility for a wider range of applications, with a replaceable backdoor provided for non-diving use. The waterproof case provides robust protection, ensuring peace of mind during your adventures. Constructed from high-strength PC material, it effectively resists drops, scratches, and punctures. 

Moreover, the case boasts precise alignment with high-quality materials, including 316 marine-grade stainless steel for precise key alignment and tactile feedback on bare keys. Additionally, it comes with complimentary anti-fog film to effectively prevent fogging due to temperature differences.

It can also be used in conjunction with TELESIN Pink Red Purple Waterproof Case Filters to correct color deviation and restore the true colors of the seabed, achieving optimal underwater shooting results.

TELESIN Waterproof Case for DJI OSMO ACTION 3/4

With a waterproof depth of 45 meters, the inner frame is equipped with a high elasticity rubber ring to ensure a tight seal even under strong pressure, preventing any water seepage. 
Constructed with a hard shell, this case effectively shields the camera from the complexities of the underwater environment. It enhances texture and boasts a light transmittance of 95%, ensuring clear and vibrant color display on both the front and back screens during playback.
The lens is crafted from tempered glass material, offering scratch resistance while maintaining high-quality shooting effects. Utilizing 316 marine-grade stainless steel for the keys ensures precise alignment and provides tactile feedback for easy operation. 
Additionally, the case comes with complimentary anti-fog sheets to prevent fogging caused by temperature differences, further enhancing your underwater shooting experience. 

3. TELESIN Waterproof Selfie Sticks:

  • Versatility: Extend your reach and capture dynamic underwater selfies and group shots.
  • Stability: Look for selfie sticks with sturdy construction to ensure stability and minimize shaking underwater. 

TELESIN Aluminum Alloy Waterproof Selfie Stick

It is an ideal companion for underwater photography. Its universal ball joint allows for a wide range of shooting angles, with micro-adjustable features for effortless horizontal and vertical shooting. Crafted from marine-grade alloys, the materials used are of the highest quality. After undergoing a 48-hour salt spray test, the product can effectively resist corrosion from seawater.

The selfie stick has an original length of 232mm, and its eccentric telescopic rod allows for extension up to 654mm, perfect for capturing shots while wading. Wrapped with food-grade silicone, the surface provides increased non-slip texture, ensuring a stable grip. Additionally, the bottom of the pole is equipped with a safety hand rope, allowing you to shoot confidently and boldly.

Featuring a standard 1/4 bolt interface and a detachable three-jaw adapter, it can accommodate various devices such as bare metal or sports cameras with waterproof cases, as well as panoramic cameras. It can also function as a regular selfie stick for everyday use, and by connecting the tripod base, the bottom can be transformed into a tripod selfie stick for added versatility. 

Tips for Capturing Stunning Underwater Photos:

  • Adjust White Balance: Correct color cast caused by water by manually adjusting white balance settings. 
  • Use Natural Light: Utilize ambient light to illuminate subjects naturally, especially in shallower depths.
  • Experiment with Angles: Explore different shooting angles and perspectives to add depth and interest to your photos.


Tips of Using TELESIN Dome Port and Other Equipment:

-Setup: Ensure proper assembly and attachment of TELESIN Dome Port and waterproof case before entering the water.

-Technique: Practice proper buoyancy control and movement underwater to capture steady and focused shots.

-Maintenance: Rinse equipment thoroughly with fresh water after each use to remove salt and debris and prevent corrosion. 



Mastering underwater photography requires a combination of technical knowledge, creativity, and the right equipment. By understanding the principles of underwater photography and investing in quality gear like TELESIN Dome Port, waterproof cases, and waterproof selfie sticks, you can unlock the beauty of the underwater world and capture breathtaking moments beneath the waves. Enjoy your joyful shooting time with TELESIN!