The Best Alternative to Enduro Batteries - TELESIN Stamina Battery

With its outstanding performance, the HERO Enduro Batteries have garnered the love of a vast user base. Compared to conventional batteries, this revolutionary battery stands out with its longer battery life, faster charging time, and exceptional performance even in freezing temperatures. Now, you can find the best alternative to this battery at TELESIN, which is the TELESIN Stamina Battery. In this blog, we will introduce this high-performance TELESIN Stamina Battery to you and explore why it is the best alternative to the HERO Enduro Battery. 


TELESIN Stamina Battery for GoPro Hero 9/10/11/12


The TELESIN Stamina Battery is specifically designed for GoPro cameras, aimed at enhancing battery performance to provide users with a better overall experience.


Size: 40.7*33.6*13.2 mm

Weight: 32.58 g

Capacity: 1720 mAh

Input Voltage: 4.4 V

Temperature: -20℃-60℃

Model: For Hero 12/11/10/9


  • Powerful endurance with a long run-time

The battery life has been upgraded, surpassing that of the original battery. It lasts over 100 minutes at -15℃ and over 116 minutes at normal temperatures.

  • Flagship cold resistance performance

The excellent low-temperature resistant performance of the TELESIN Stamina Battery allows it to operate normally in severe temperature environments. It can power on within seconds at low temperatures without the need for pre-warming, eliminating any waiting time. Plus, there's no need to worry about the battery failing to start between uses.

  • Fast charging time

TELESIN Stamina Battery supports dual fast charging methods: camera fast charging and TELESIN Fast Charging Box. When paired with the TELESIN Fast Charging Box, charging efficiency is significantly enhanced, reducing charging time. It only takes 30 minutes to charge up to 70% of the battery, and a full charge to 100% is achieved in just 85 minutes. Both batteries are fully charged in 150 minutes when using a regular charging case.

  • Fully decoded, no pop-ups

Using third-party batteries with GoPro cameras may result in pop-up error messages, affecting the user experience. However, with TELESIN Stamina Battery, you can rest assured as it is fully decoded and free from pop-ups, ensuring smooth operation of all camera functions. Each battery has undergone 500 insertion and extraction tests, with a 0% pop-up rate.

  • Display true power

With its powerful computational capabilities, the MCU ensures consistent power display, preventing sudden power drain or battery depletion after periods of inactivity. 



TELESIN Stamina Battery boasts outstanding performance, matching or even surpassing that of the Enduro Battery in terms of battery life, charging time, and low-temperature resistance. Furthermore, compared to other third-party batteries, the absence of pop-ups and the consistency in power display ensure a better user experience. This positions it as the best alternative to the Enduro Battery. Don’t let battery life restrict your creativity and spontaneity; experience the freedom to capture every moment without interruption with TELESIN Stamina Battery!