Capturing Brilliance: How ND and CPL Filters Elevate Your Photography

When it comes to enhancing your photography and videography, using the right filters can make a world of difference. Two of the most commonly used filters are ND (Neutral Density) filters and CPL (Circular Polarizer) filters. They each serve distinct purposes and can transform your shots in remarkable ways. In this blog, we'll explore what ND and CPL filters are, why you should use them, and how they can enhance your work. 


What Are ND Filters?

Neutral Density (ND) filters are essentially sunglasses for your camera. They reduce the amount of light entering the lens without affecting the color balance of your scene. This allows for greater creative control over exposure settings.


Benefits of ND Filters:

Control Over Exposure: ND filters enable you to shoot with a slower shutter speed or a wider aperture in bright light conditions without overexposing your image.

Creative Effects: They allow for long exposure photography, which can create stunning effects like smooth, silky water in landscape shots or motion blur in busy urban scenes.

Shallow Depth of Field: By enabling wider apertures, ND filters help achieve a shallow depth of field, even in bright sunlight, isolating your subject with a pleasing background blur. 


When to Use ND Filters:

Landscape Photography: Capturing long exposures to smooth out water or clouds.

Portrait Photography: Achieving a blurred background (bokeh) in bright outdoor settings.

Videography: Maintaining a cinematic frame rate and motion blur in well-lit environments. 


What Are CPL Filters?

Circular Polarizer (CPL) filters work by reducing reflections and glare from non-metallic surfaces, such as water, glass, and foliage, while also enhancing color saturation and contrast. 


Benefits of CPL Filters:

Reduce Glare and Reflections: CPL filters cut down reflections from surfaces, making them ideal for shooting through glass or water.

Enhance Colors: They can deepen the blue of the sky, make clouds stand out, and make foliage look richer and more vibrant.

Improve Contrast: By reducing haze and glare, CPL filters increase the overall contrast in your images. 


When to Use CPL Filters:

Landscape Photography: To enhance the sky and reduce reflections in bodies of water.

Architectural Photography: To minimize reflections when shooting buildings with glass windows.

Nature Photography: To bring out the vivid colors of leaves and flowers.


Buying Guide for ND and CPL Filters

When selecting ND and CPL filters, consider the following:

  • Compatibility: Ensure the filters are compatible with your camera model. 
  • Filter Strength: Choose the right ND filter strength (e.g., ND8, ND16, ND32) based on your lighting conditions and desired effect.
  • Quality: Look for filters with high-quality glass and coatings to ensure image clarity and color accuracy.
  • Ease of Use: Filters should be easy to attach and adjust. 


Recommended TELESIN ND & CPL Filter Sets

TELESIN offers a range of high-quality ND & CPL filter sets designed for popular action cameras. Here are some top picks: 

TELESIN CPL+ND16/64/256 Filter Set for DJI Pocket 3

Crafted with Corning glass for superior light transmission and contrast, these filters ensure vibrant colors. The strong magnetic design allows easy attachment and quick swapping, while dual coatings provide water, oil, and scratch resistance. With an ultra-thin profile, they fit in original case filter slot, allowing precise storage without interfering with power-off functionality.


TELESIN ND & CPL Lens Filters Set for GoPro Hero 12/11/ 10/ 9/ Mini

Constructed with Gorilla Glass, these filters boast exceptional durability and scratch resistance. The surface of the filters is coated with an infrared-resistant layer, effectively reducing harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays to prevent haze in images. Featuring an aluminum alloy outer frame, they offer corrosion resistance and a long service life, while the embedded silicone protection pad ensures stability and lens protection. It is also waterproof and oil-resistant with double-sided coatings. Quick and easy to install and remove with a gentle snap, they offer effortless operation.


TELESIN CPL+ND8/16/32 Filter Set for DJI ACTION 3/4

The lenses are crafted from SCHOTT glass and feature a multi-layer coating that ensures a uniform, high refractive index for true-to-life colors. The lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy frame provides strength without adding unnecessary weight. The silicone material at the contact points with the lens both protects the camera lens and ensures a secure fit. Installation is quick and easy with a simple snap-on mechanism, offering both convenience and efficiency. 


TELESIN Filter Set for Insta360 GO 2/3

Made from SCHOTT optical glass, these filters feature a smooth, pristine surface for high-definition imaging. The double-sided multi-layer coating enhances light transmission and reduces reflections while providing water, oil, and scratch resistance. The aerospace-grade aluminum frame is both corrosion-resistant and durable, ensuring a long lifespan. Installation and removal are effortless: simply lock the filter in place by turning it clockwise and unlock it by turning counterclockwise. 



Incorporating ND and CPL filters into your photography and videography toolkit can greatly enhance your creative options and improve the quality of your shots. Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist, these filters help you manage light, control exposure, and capture vivid, high-contrast images. TELESIN's range of filter sets for popular action cameras ensures you have the right tools for any shooting scenario.