TELESIN 8th Anniversary Gear Picture/ Short Video Contest 🥁🎯

Due Nov 23th, 2021 - Shoot a TELESIN product picture/short video on your action cameras/smartphones that's ready for social sharing. Be creative! Interpret the "TELESIN" theme in any way you like. Post your picture/video submission to social media platform (Personal platform/Social community like Reddit, FB group, Pinterest, Telegram, etc. ) or TELESIN community (FB community: INS community: tag us @telesin_official) with the hashtag #telesin & #telesinaccs.


🥇One Grand Prize:
$500 Store Voucher * 1
🥈Two Second Prize Winners:
$300 Store Voucher *2
🥉Three Third Prize Winners:
$100 Store Voucher * 3

🎖Five Nominated Entries:
$50 Store Voucher * 5

Open to all.

Gears Display

Vlogging Selfie Stick with Remote Control

Suction Cup Mount @bogdan.cojocaru

3-feet Suction Cup Mount

360° Palm Strap Mount

Smart Tracker @superfriz_199

Dome Port @giuseppe_nuzzo_corso


Waterproof Case @flasirio

Max Lens Mod @diegoburnouts


Remote Control @federesega

Allinbox Charger @giovax_experience

In-Pocket Charger  @simonedem

3 meters Long Stick @eatsleep360

ND & CPL Filters @andreaamato

Helmet Strap Chin Mount @blindthistle

Silicone Cover @_.wildsoul