TELESIN Suction Cup Mount, Capture Anytime, Anywhere

TELESIN Suction Cup Mount Testing Story Behind the Scenes

by TELESIN Marketing Team @telesin_official

Road trip

Highway testing

August, it's time to go on vacation. The best life is always on the road. Last week our team went on vacation to a small town for river drifting. When we were back, we recorded a short timelapse video on the highway by TELESIN Suction Cup Mount with GoPro. There was beautiful sunset. It was such a wonderful time. Listening to the music and enjoying the beautiful sky, we shared our daily jokes, future plans, the trip memories and the next trip plan. 

Testing speed: 

This versitle, strong and compact suction cup mount is proven at speeds of 120+ kmph and engineered for stability and a broad range of motion. Actually, I guess it still works at higher speed, but the speed limit here is 120+ kmph.

💡City Timelapse Ideas

We also try to capture the beatiful night city view by sticking it on the pedestrian bridge. And the results are amazing!

Marble Pond Testing

In our work place, there's a place where has a big pond. In the summer time, there are some lotus flowers. And now it's the bolossom season. So we try to stick our Suction Cup Mount in the pond to capture some blooming lotus and the beautiful water ripples.

💡Hands-free Vlogging Mode for Your Cooking

We love tea, we also love coffee. Especially for TELESIN Marketing Team members, every morning we'll drink a cup of coffee. So we have energy to complete a mountain of design projects. Today is Thursday, we decide to do more tests about our Suction Cup Mount, at the same time to experience one latte art course. So we can DIY our own coffee in the office. Here's the our experience at the coffee workshop.

So you may want to know more about the TELESIN Suction Cup Mount now?

Here are some detailed information.

-What is the suction cup mount?

Attach your sports cams or smart phones to cars, boats, motorcycles and more. This versitle, strong and compact suction cup mount is proven at speeds of 120+ kmph and engineered for stability and a broad range of motion. 

-What's in the package?

 Suction Cup Mount *1

1/4-20 Screw Adapter *1

Thumb Knob Locking Screw *1

Clean cloth *1

Quick-start guide

That's easy. Install the 1/4-20 screw adapter on the top of the mount, use the thumb knob screw to get it locked. So you can attach your sports cams or smartphones on it stably. You can also adjust camera angle with the black thumb knob. If you want to adjust the arm to get different perspectives of the footage, just loosen the thumb knob and then tighten securely. The ball head joint design makes the mount more flexibly.

Now you can take off the sticker from the suction cup bottom and push the mount onto the car, boats, motorcycles, window...anywhere you want to capture the footage. You should push down the lever straight in to compress the suction cup. Please make sure the surface that you use the suction mount is flat, clean and dust-free in advance.

Thank you for your reading guys!

 Watch more about our suction cup mount on our youtube channel😄