Why TELESIN Helmet Mounts?

GoPro cameras are perfect for the POV creation. With a mount, you can shoot from very special perspective on the motorcycle, bicycle or snowboard, etc. There are many gopro helmet mounts in the market. In this article we compare the GoPro official Front and Side Helmet Mount and TELESIN Helmet Chin Mount to help you make your own choice. Let's go!

GoPro Helmet Mount

Mounting location: Front and side
Mounting method: Adhesive
Price: $29 USD
Pros: adjustable, durable, comes with the necessary installing tools
Cons: The mounting is permanent; expensive
Compatibility: All GoPro cameras

The official GoPro Helmet Mount may be your first choice. It can mount any GoPro to the front or side of helmets. The adhesive on the mount works well. You can record your motorcycle rides in a rainy day on the highway at a high speed. With the swivel mount assembly in the package, adjusting your angle is easy. So the capture is quite flexible. However, the mount isn't compatible with certain motorcycle helmets. For example, if you have a vented helmet with a lot of open space, there might be no room for a camera mount. And the adhesive is permanent. So it will be a part of your helmet.

TELESIN Helmet Chin Mount

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Mounting location: Chin mount
Mounting method: Straps and J hook
Price: $14.99 USD~$ 19.99 USD
Pros: safe, high-quality, quick release, easy to install, affordable
Material: PVC plastic, rubber
Cons: the visor can't be closed completely with the straps in place
Compatibility: All GoPro cameras, insta360 cams, DJI Osmo action cameras and SJ cameras

The latest TELESIN Helmet Chin Mount works well with the full-face helmet. With the straps, you can attach your GoPro tightly to your helmet. The straps we have made the improvement by using the magic sticker. It now makes mounting the camera super quick and easy. In the first generation helmet mount pack, the J hook comes with the package will keep your mount nice and super stable. While the latest one has already the swivel mount on it. The body of the latest helmet mount is butterfly shaped design. It helps the mounting more flexible and better. If you are a loyal customer of us, you will know the body shape of the helmet mount is one of the biggest difference between our latest helmet chin mount and the first generation. The shape of the first generation is a pointy fox face and it's not compatible with certain helmets with pointy chin. After the improvement, it fits almost all the full-face helmets. The only shortcoming is, like all the helmet chin mounts, the visor can't be closed completely with the straps in place. So you may wear goggles and ear plugs to reduce debris and noise.

In a word, if you don't like the your helmet has the glue mark, we recommend you TELESIN Helmet Mount. If you worry about the wind noise at high speed ride, you can choose GoPro official helmet mount. We also recommend you the other mount that you can capture POV footages.

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