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Whether you are preparing to produce a video for Youtube, Twitch or TikTok, chances are you know how to appreciate good production quality. And it is that, even if you do not realize it, it is something that we inevitably recognize when we see a video. Good lighting, good sound, smooth camera movement, all of these things matter when it comes to bringing a premium to your productions and helping you prepare the best possible production. 

However, we often get paralyzed with this topic for fear that it will cost us a lot of money. Today we come to tell you that this does not have to be the case. Specifically, we are going to tell you about the three items you need to increase the production quality of your videos. 

3 Products To Improve The Quality Of Your Videos Overnight

Telesin RGB pocket fill light

Possibly the product that we like the most to provide a "premium" look to our productions is the RGB pocket light the Telesin. This light, with a price of about 70 euros, comes to us in a minimalist box that only brings the charger and the light itself. 

Its operation is very simple, offering three different operating modes thanks to its 150 LEDs . We have the "normal" light mode where we can adjust both the brightness and the color temperature of the light, going from a warm 2700 kelvin degrees to a cold 8500 kelvin degrees - with a maximum illumination of 1480 lux! -. 

We have an "effects" mode that is made up of 9 different effects , ideal for recording dramatic videos. These effects range from the paparazzi effect, police car effect, light bulb that does not work, etc. 
Left. Photo with 2 Telesin lights. Right Photo with 1 Telesin light

Finally, we have our favorite mode, which is the RGB mode . In this modality we can explore numerous colors in numerous combinations . With this mode it is possible, for example, to supplement the warm fill lighting with a colored main spotlight . It is also possible to create our own color combinations if we buy two units. By doing the latter we can explore a wide range of possibilities.
As for the Telesin pocket light itself, we must say that we are quite impressed. While the packaging doesn't provide more than what we need, the build quality of the pocket fill light is very robust. The screen located on the back helps us in the process of configuring the light and the two rotary buttons located on the back help us navigate through the different modes quickly and intuitively .
Ideal for product photography

It has a battery that lasts about 4 hours, charging in just over an hour. In turn, it has two 1/4 shoes, being able to hold the light on a tripod both in vertical and horizontal mode and weighs almost 300 grams. 
In short, if you can only choose to buy one thing to improve the production quality of your videos or your photographs, we recommend that you get this versatile RGB fill light, being able to use it in all kinds of scenarios, greatly enriching your images in the process. 

TELESIN Auto Face Tracking Stabilizer Smart Shooting Gimbal 

Following the Telesin light, our next recommendation to improve the quality of your videos would be the use of this little gadget. Specifically, it is a device that rotates with your movement . That is, it makes use of the camera located on the body of the "monster" to move the upper part based on the movement of your body.
This device is very useful, for example, if you are making a video where you are standing and moving from side to side. For example, if you're giving a presentation, it's a very interesting shot. It would also be very useful for cooking videos. In short, it is useful for everything that involves close-up or medium-shot videos  where there is movement involved.

The "Monstruito de Telesin" has a good construction quality, made of silicone, which allows an ergonomic sensation to the touch. On the back, where it has the "tail", we click on it to turn on the device.
It does not make use of any kind of third-party application or anything . Just turn it on and as soon as it detects a face it will start to follow you. 
The battery of this device is about 8 hours , so it can be used without fear outdoors and comes with a wide range of accessories. Among its accessories we find a support for the 1/4 shoe, a charging cable and a remote control to take photos. 
It should be noted, in turn, that it is possible to place the mobile or tablet directly on the device without using a separate support, enjoying a slot for such purposes. As you can see in the photo, we have made use of a support that was included with the tripod that we will talk about next. 
Finally, say that this device also comes with a 1/4 tripod shoe located at the bottom of it, which will allow us to place it directly on a tripod to use it comfortably outdoors. 

TELESIN Mini Desk Tripod for SLR & Phone

Finally, you can't talk about devices that improve the production quality of your videos and not mention this tripod. Although it is true that we generally associate the use of the tripod with the function of holding the mobile phone or the camera, the truth is that we have also liked this desktop tripod a lot to hold the light reviewed at the beginning of this list.

As for the tripod itself, it offers a very good build quality, something that is not always seen in small tripods. In turn, it does double duty as a selfie stick, making it immensely portable.
This tripod is very practical to leave it on the desk without getting in the way while we are recording a video. If you are not going to have a desk handy then you might be interested in a larger but just as robust tripod such as the  TELESIN Upgraded 1.3m Bluetooth Remote Control Selfie Stick for GoPro/Phone
Little else can be said about this tripod that doubles as a selfie stick.
With everything, we have come up to this point with our list of 3 products that you need to improve the quality of your videos. hope you liked it. Again, if you have to choose a single product because the budget is tight, we recommend you bet on the pocket fill light, which is the one that will offer the most notable improvements to your videos.