GoPro Hero 12: A Familiar Yet Underwhelming Upgrade



As we approach GoPro's annual September release tradition, the tech world is buzzing with predictions and expectations for the GoPro Hero 12. Amid the hype, we've analyzed the major speculations to bring you a pragmatic glimpse into what the Hero 12 might offer. While nothing is confirmed until GoPro's official unveiling, the prevailing sentiment seems to suggest that the Hero 12 will be a cautious iteration of its predecessor, the Hero 11 Black.

A Rehashed Exterior:

One of the most talked-about aspects is the Hero 12's casing. It closely resembles the Hero 11 Black but with an aesthetic tweak—a scattering of colored specks reminiscent of a starry night sky. It's an attempt to infuse novelty into the camera's design, but it doesn't promise a groundbreaking departure from its predecessor's appearance.

Green Initiatives:

In keeping with eco-conscious trends in tech manufacturing, GoPro is rumored to incorporate recycled materials into the Hero 12's build. While commendable, this move doesn't offer a radical departure from the industry's growing sustainability focus.

Battery Déjà Vu:

Battery capacity remains static at 1740 mAh, mirroring the Hero 11 Black. The only notable change is likely to be improved power management. This will result in slightly extended recording times: up to 70 minutes at 5.3K and 60 fps, and a more impressive 90 minutes at 5.3K and 30 fps. While welcome, these changes may not be enough to satisfy users seeking a significant leap in battery performance.

Same Old Sensor:

The Hero 12's camera is rumored to sport a 27.6-megapixel sensor, probably utilizing the same Coms technology as the Hero 11 Black. This doesn't promise groundbreaking improvements in image quality; it's more of a modest evolution.

An Incremental Upgrade:

HyperSmooth 6.0 is expected, continuing GoPro's legacy of image stabilization. While it's a valuable feature, it's more of an incremental upgrade rather than a revolutionary change.

Color Within Bounds: 

The introduction of 10-bit color suggests a wider color palette and post-production flexibility. However, this won't be a game-changer for most users, as the Hero 11 Black already offers impressive color quality.

A Locked Horizon:

Horizon Lock is a welcomed addition, ensuring level shots no matter how you maneuver the camera. But it's a feature targeted at specific users rather than the masses.

Price Predictions:

The estimated price for the GoPro Hero 12 is around $450, placing it within the range of its predecessor. This pricing strategy maintains accessibility but doesn't introduce any disruptive changes.


In summary, while the GoPro Hero 12 may hold some promise, it seems poised to be a rather conservative upgrade. The changes in design, materials, battery life, and camera quality are incremental at best. As we await the official release in September, the prevailing sentiment is one of tempered anticipation rather than unbridled excitement. The Hero 12 may cater to a particular niche of users but may not offer the transformative innovations many had hoped for. TELESIN's accompanying accessories, however, promise to unlock the full potential of your Hero 12, ensuring your adventures are captured in all their glory.


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