Dear friends, here’s Joyce from TELESIN. I want to share with you guys 9 things about new GoPro 11 which will come out soon this month.But we haven’t got the new camera, we are just guessing...

First, the appearance.

As the gears company for GoPro, we have made gears for GoPro for 9 years. According to the previous models, we don’t think the new GoPro 11 will change a lot in its appearance. To be honest, all gopro hero cameras looks very similar. Hero 10 and Hero 9 they are almost the same in appearance. So we guess the GoPro 11 will stay the same as GoPro 10 and 9. But it’s a good news for its users, we don’t have to buy more gears.

Second, the color.

Black seems to be the favorite color of GoPro company and its users. So the new camera will also be black.

Third, the release date and the new cams which will come out later.

Every year,GoPro will release its new camera on September.In 2021 and 2020, GoPro launched its new camera on September 16th. So we guess the new GoPro 11 will be launched on the same date this year.i.e., 2 weeks later.As far as we know, besides Hero 11, GoPro has launched Hero 10 Black Bones which is for fpv drones in April. So maybe they will launch new Hero 11 Bones later and GoPro Max 2. It is said that GoPro will also launch a tiny camera this year, will it be GoPro Hero 11 Session? Just like GoPro Hero 5 Session and GoPro Hero 5 Black.

Fourth, GoPro chip.

From GoPro 6 to GoPro 9, the cameras use the GP1 processor. Last year, GoPro updated its processor to GP2. So we guess the processor will not be updated.

Fifth, GoPro video and image quality.

The GoPro 9 can shoot 5K video, the GoPro 10 can shoot 5.3K 60 fps video. Can new GoPro 11 shoot 8K 60 fps video? For creators, the clearer,the better.But I know that’s impossible in 2022. I hope it can shoot at least 6K 30 fps video.

Sixth, the HyperSmooth 5.0.(five point o)

For the sports lovers and outdoor adventurers, in order to get your video stable and have an awesome visual experience, we will keep the HyperSmooth mode on. With a max lens mod on the camera, we can capture very stable video even though while we are surfing, riding mountain bikes or doing some crazy moves. Every year, GoPro will update its hypersmooth mode. So this year, I guess we will have the HyperSmooth 5.0.

Seventh, better image quality.

For most photographer lovers, we won’t use GoPro to take photos. But I guess GoPro this year will have 27MP images with 10 bit, better 12 bit RAW format.And what we care about most is can gopro 11 provide detailed and clear videos even at night or in low light environment. I saw some photos of GoPro 11 online recently. There are low light underwater photos on the display screens. So does it mean the new camera has better performance in low light environment?

Eighth, the web cam mode.

GoPro always wants to attract more users groups like the daily vloggers. So from the GoPro 8, GoPro developed its web cam mode. GoPro 10 can do live streaming in 1080K.But I don’t think GoPro will update this mode this year. There are really few people use this mode. Some users even never know gopro has this function.And it’s a bit complicated to use. Actually, if GoPro has no solution with its overheating problem and the image quality. I don’t think they will have big success in daily vloggers marketing.

Ninth, the bluetooth headsets mode.

Will gopro develop bluetooth headsets mode like insta360? The other action camera companies like Insta360 (three-sixty), their cameras are compatible with some bluetooth headsets. It means you can record your voice in a distance.However, the GoPro cams never supports the bluetooth headsets. Some users make complaint about it. However I don’t think GoPro 11 will develop this function this year.After all, GoPro is always a sports camera. And as far as I know, the best sports camera.