Good news, we have over 33 gears for GoPro Hero 11
And they definitely can make your creation funnier, easier, and better.

Underwater creation

Dome port is our most popular accessory for GoPro Hero cameras. People are so addicted to use the dome in the sea, swimming pools, rivers, lakes and streams etc. to create 50/50 underwater photography. In the past 8 years, we have only the dome with one handle. And this year, we have the new T10 dome with two handles. The inspiration also comes from one of our Brazilian ambassadors. Actually, the dome port can be detached from the handle mount. So you can also attach the waterproof case on the handle mount.


TELESIN filters for GoPro are great for those motion blur creation lovers. They are so popular among those fpv pilots, motorbike riders, mountain bike riders and skateboarders. They can also help avoid over exposure. Moreover, they are super useful for the river photography lovers who want to shoot the river with creamy look with added texture in the water. For the beginners, we suggest you use ND 8 in a partly cloudy day, ND 32 for a bright sunny day.

The gears for the outdoor adventures

This year we have more gears for the outdoor adventurers and travelers. And the motorbike riders' road trip stories are always my favorite. People are so enjoying to watch their videos on Youtube. Their excellent POV style can really make you have an awesome immersive visual experience. So why not grab a helmet mount or bike mount, go out and create your own stories?

The Battery and Charger

We need enduring batteries. And TELESIN Batteries for GoPro cameras are enduring and quite affordable. We invite some friends to do the testing for our new yellow batteries. And the result is quite satisfactory:
Also because of the unique curve design of the battery edge, so even if it's overheated, you can take it out easily from the camera. Our battery storage charger is also amazing. There are two styles. The one is a minimal 3-in-1 storage box, the other is our unique Allinbox charger. The Allinbox charger is waterproof, and with the short strap on the cover, it's easy for you to take it out for adventures. And you may also love our charger port door. With the small gear, you can charge your GoPro directly without removing the cover. And it's metal, so it's quite strong.

Carring bag

The TELESIN carrying bag is perfect for the gears storage. You can pack all gears I mentioned above except the dome port in the bag.

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