Best GoPro Vlogging Kits For Beginner

Dear friends, if you want to be a GoPro vlogger, this article is just for you. We will recommend the best GoPro vlogging kits for beginner.

As we know, GoPro is a very versatile camera. It becomes the best solution for action sports enthusiasts among the world. Now, many youtubers and vloggers also use it frequently because it's super compact and durable, especially for those travel vloggers. They will DIY their own vlog kits to make their capture easier and better

So if you are looking for some gears for your next travel vlog, we can provide you some solutions. This is definitely a GoPro travel kit.

For better DIY your own vlogging setup, let's see some pros and cons of the GoPro firstly.


  • Super compact compared with the mirorless cameras. The GoPro Hero 9 Black weighs only 158g.
  • Strong and waterproof compared with the smart phones. It can be waterproof down to 45m with TELESIN Underwater Protective Case. So you can use it to capture the wonderful underwater world. 
  • Higher image quality. You can record the video at 5K/30fps with the Hero 9.
  • Easy to use.


  • Bad image at low light conditions
  • The battery life is too short, according to the GoPro official, the battery life of  Hero 9 Black is 90 minutes at the 5K/30fps video mode. Most people will choose to bring rechargeable batteries
  • Terrible wind noise


In order to attract more vlogger and youtubers in other fields, for example, travel, food, fashion daily life etc., GoPro has published the GoPro Media Mod, Light Mod and Display Mod. However, the three gears cost almost $210. That's quite expensive. And the Hero 9 Media Mod is not compatible with the Hero 8 Media Mod. So for the beginner, we need better gears with better price.

Here's TELESIN Vlogging Kits for GoPro:

Including Mini Tripod, Shotgun Mic, RGB LED Lights, Frame Cage, Replacement Side Door.

You could buy all of them with only $103.86. Half the price than the official suit.

-The Mini Tripod

The mini tripod is very lightweight, it weighs only 61g. Adjustable at different lengths, a mere 13 cm when closed but reaching 25.5 cm when open. You can handle it to capture your adventure or just put it on the table. It satisfies the regular vlog shooting, and the weight is very light will make you more relaxed when shooting.

Of course, you can also choose the Octupus Tripod for your outdoor footage. You can twine it on the tree or leave it at the places that with the rough surface. So you can fix your gopro to any place, you can take more perspectives.

-Shotgun Microphone

The GoPro has terrible wind noise. However, an external shotgun microphone can receive your voice better and remove the noise. If you wanna know it better, watch the video below.

Friendly reminder:

For the GoPro Hero 9 Black, if you wanna use the external microphone, you have to use the Media Mod or the Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter. Or, you just update your Hero 9 firmware to 1.60 version to enable the external microphone without pay nothing.

-RGB LED Lights

As all we know, the GoPro has bad performance at the low light condition. So the RGB LED light has become a must-need for vloggers. TELESIN 68 beads LED lights is super compact and portable. The RGB lights make your photos more vivid and beautiful.It has 3 standard 1/4" cold shoe mount to add accessories.

-Frame Cage

The metal frame cage can protect your GoPro much better and attach other devices, and there are two cold shoe ports on it, you can connect a microphone and fill light or other accessories. So it's the best solution for the extreme sports ethusiasts.


-Battery Cover with charging port

The multimedia USB of GoPro HERO9 is inside the camera body. So TELESIN Side Door Replacement will be your unparalleled choice when you want to attach the other external devices. Moreover, you can capture timelapse videos with facility by using it. 

Now, it's your time to DIY your own Vlogging kit for the next trip. Let's go!