Make the 🎥 follow you!! SMART AUTO TRACKER for the GoPro / phone / camera!

by @mynameisdannyblack

I just got some cool new tech that's going to make your solo shooting that much easier with an auto tracker.

-How to use it?

This is the TELESIN Smart Tracking Pan Tilt. It's weighted and it feels super good to touch it. It has a 1/4”screw mount at the top with a rotary locking platform and a 1/4”screw thread at the bottom, so you could attach it to a tripod or other attachments.
There is a power button on the back and a USB Type-C for charging in the front. The tracker has two indicator lights. One for tracking status and one for power. Then you have your camera module in the base which is what rotates. It does come with an attachment for the GoPro, but it also works great with the smart phone or your bigger cameras.
There is a tiny little remote which allows you to make your tracker turn left and right flexibly. So you can start the time lapse mode in the direction that you wish and a button to switch from your time lapse mode to auto tracker.

-Some of my testing

Here we are in the living room. The smart tracker is really cool. It can rotate just a full 360 degrees. This is my wife, she's doing hula hoops. And it actually works really well. After testing it a bunch of different ways, I think it actually works best with GoPro. It just looks really smooth and I was still impressed with the phone and the bigger camera. I just think the GoPro looks the best and I'd love to know in the comments what creative way you would use this tracker.

Now I just want to test the time lapse feature and how it works. You know you just set it up and then you press this button right here and it starts the time lapse.

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-Who is this made for?

This is great for vloggers and youtubers. If you're a solo person shooting things, like a cooking channels or how-to channels, it’s also perfect for you. Maybe you're building something in your garage, so you don't have to cut move your camera. And this will just follow you around. I also think this would be great for zoom sessions. Maybe you are a teacher and you have a class that full of kids watching on zoom, you can set this up. This could also be helpful for panoramic pictures. Maybe you're in real estate and you want to show off a house, you just pop this in the center of the room and then you hit record and then you just let it spin.
This works great and I highly recommend it.

-What’s in the package?

Quick start guide
The smart tracker
Remote control
Type-C charging cable