What can the TELESIN Powerful Rechargeable Selfie Stick be used for?

TELESIN's Powerful Rechargeable Selfie Stick stands out as a key product, earning praise and love from a multitude of users. In this blog, we will delve into the features of this impressive rechargeable selfie stick and guide you on its effective usage. 

Features of the Rechargeable Selfie Stick

It functions as both a selfie stick and a power bank, equipped with a 10,000mAh capacity and supporting 18W fast charging. This eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements, allowing you to charge while shooting.
The top of the selfie stick features a Type-C spring cable, and a Type-C interface on the bottom, ensuring compatibility with GoPro, some mobile phones, panoramic cameras, and other devices, all of which can be charged simultaneously.
The selfie stick is retractable, offering a telescopic range from 21 cm to 90 cm, and can be charged even when extended. With an IP52 dust-proof and drip-proof design, it is suitable for use in all-weather outdoor environments.

Common application scenarios and usage

1. Daily travel photography and vlogging

Selfie sticks are commonly employed during travel or vlogging, where outdoor settings prevail. Given that travel often involves extended periods outdoors, ensuring ample power for prolonged shooting becomes imperative, making a power bank a necessity. However, a drawback arises when using a power bank with a conventional selfie stick, as the stick needs to be retracted for charging.
Enter our rechargeable selfie stick, designed to address this inconvenience. This versatile device not only serves the purpose of a standard selfie stick for capturing moments but also allows simultaneous charging while extended. This eliminates the trade-off between using a selfie stick and charging, providing a seamless solution for capturing the beautiful moments of your journey and life without any concerns. 

2. Winter outdoor activities

Our rechargeable selfie stick is also perfect for winter outdoor activities.
In the cold temperatures of winter, battery life is significantly reduced, leading to rapid power loss. To extend the device's usage time, you would typically need to replace the battery or resort to using a power bank. However, during outdoor sports such as skiing, frequent battery replacements can be cumbersome. This is where our rechargeable selfie stick shines, with the ability to charge and shoot simultaneously, it provides continuous power support, effectively prolonging the device's usage time in low-temperature environments. You can also pair it with our high-performance battery for even better results. 
Additionally, it boasts a dust-proof and splash-proof design. By replacing the original side cover of the GoPro with our weather-resistant pass-through door, you can use the device worry-free in snowy or rainy conditions without fear of being damaged.
All these features make it an outstanding companion for winter outdoor adventures. 

3. Time-lapse photography

Time-lapse photography demands shooting from a fixed point for an extended duration, and in such scenarios, our rechargeable selfie stick paired with a tripod proves to be an ideal choice. 
The power bank of the rechargeable selfie stick ensures a continuous and ample power supply for prolonged shooting sessions. Adjusting the selfie stick's contraction allows you to set it at an optimal height. When paired with a tripod, the selfie stick can be securely positioned on a stable surface, freeing your hands from holding it. This setup alleviates concerns about potential interruptions due to insufficient battery during the shooting process, making the entire time-lapse shooting experience more convenient and reliable. 


TELESIN's Rechargeable Selfie Stick is a highly functional and practical product. Developed with meticulous attention to our user's experience, our goal is to provide enhanced convenience for users, allowing them to fully enjoy their shooting experiences.
Its utility extends beyond what is covered in this blog. Feel free to explore using it in conjunction with other TELESIN products to unlock even more possibilities. And we genuinely invite you to share your experiences and any innovative ways you discovered to use the product with us!