What are the differences among TELESIN 3 Metres Ultra-long Selfie Stick 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0?


TELESIN's 3m ultra-long selfie stick has undergone upgrades and evolution from version 1.0 to 3.0. In this blog, we will introduce the distinctions among these three generations, providing you with a more systematic and comprehensive understanding. Additionally, detailed product specifications have been compiled into a table for your convenience in making reference comparisons. 

What changes come with each upgrade?

TELESIN Extra Long Selfie Stick 1.0

This is our first generation extra long selfie stick, using the material of carbon fiber and aerospace aluminum alloy, making it lightweight while ensuring stability. 
The selfie stick has a maximum length of 270 cm, featuring five extension rods. The taper principle is applied between the tubes, so the extension stick is either shortened to the shortest or extended to the longest, which means the selfie stick can only be adjusted to the fixed lengths of 56 cm and 270 cm, without the ability to be adjusted to any intermediate position. 

TELESIN Ultra Long 3m Selfie Stick 2.0

The maximum length of our ultra-long selfie stick 2.0 has been extended to 300cm. Compared to the first generation, three positioning rings have been added to enhance length adjustability. The number of adjustable lengths between 44 and 300cm has been expanded, catering to a broader range of length requirements. 

TELESIN New Design 3m Selfie Stick 3.0

The ultra-long selfie stick 3.0 has undergone more upgrades and improvements. 
Firstly, the stick is thicker, and the material has been upgraded to 100% full carbon and aerospace aluminum alloy, ensuring good straightness and resistance to deformation. After bearing the load, it can be restored to its original shape without deformation even after long-term use. Although it has increased in weight compared to the 2.0 version, it remains much lighter than other aluminum selfie sticks of the same size while maintaining stability. 
Secondly, regarding length adjustment, it has been upgraded to an 8-segment retractable design. Using eccentric tube technology, the two telescopic rods can be rotated and fixed, allowing each section to be freely locked, which means the length can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range of 44 cm-300 cm. 
Thirdly, a food-grade silicone has been added to the handle, providing a non-slip texture for a more comfortable grip. 

Comparison of product specifications


As you can see, each upgrade of the 3m ultra-long selfie stick is dedicated to consistently enhancing product quality. Through continuous improvements, the goal is to better align the product with user needs and elevate the overall user experience. 
TELESIN is such a company that focuses on producing high-quality products and is committed to continuously providing users with a better product experience.